Spokenword show allows students to speak their minds


Spokenword show allows students to speak their minds

By Northern Star Staff

DeKALB — Students have another reason other than studying to go to the Founder Memorial Library Wednesday night.

Black Male Initiative and Supporting Opportunities for Latinos, two male empowerment groups on campus, will give students an opportunity to use mic time at the NIU Spokenword 7-9 p.m., Wednesday in the lower level staff lounge of the Founders Memorial Library. Students will be given up to five minutes on stage to express themselves through rapping, reciting poetry, making music or just talking about what’s on their mind.

SOL member Michaelangelo Herrera said there were 30 time slots, available and performers can expect to be introduced by four emcees.

Herrera said spoken word performances are common in LatinX and black communities, but he wanted to bring spoken word to the “mainstream” at NIU because all communities face problems. He said being able to speak about those problems and allowing other groups to hear their fears and concerns will make all communities stronger.

“If we’re able to express these [problems], we can all come together,” Herrera said. “It’s better to be together than apart.”  

But the spoken word performance also gives an individual who lacks confidence the opportunity to build themselves up in a judgement-free zone. Whether someone chooses to attend strictly as an audience member or performer, everyone should come open-minded, Herrera said.  

“A lot of people don’t feel powerful or strong; they don’t feel valid,” Herrera said. “So, we’re opening spoken word events so students can feel powerful.”

Those who are interested in mic time should register by sending a message to or posting on Facebook.com/NIUSpokenword.