Finger Dermal Piercings as Wedding Rings: Have Millenials Gone too Far?

By Abby Wisecarver

Weddings are a time of glitz, glam and love and one way to show off your love is by your wedding rings. I’ve fantasized about how many carrots are going to be in my ring, but the millennial generation have been taking things too far. A ring is a special symbol to convey one’s relationship with someone else, but finger dermal piercings instead of wedding rings are proving to get some heated backlash.

Dermal piercings have become a popular form of expression, like getting a haircut. Couples have decided to ditch the rings and get diamonds inserted into their skin. Whether it’s a cheaper alternative to wedding rings or a cry for attention, many people hate it.  

“This just shows how millennials are lowering their standards,” said Elizabeth Dill, senior rehabilitation and disability major.  “With the increasing rate of divorce, people are already lowering their standards but this is just tangible evidence. People obviously don’t give a sh*t and I think it’s the stupidest thing ever.”

I think this trend is very repulsive and can’t get the image of the piercing getting caught on the fabric of my jeans and ripped out of my skin. I question if it’s over the top or just a way of self expression. As a person who is extremely single, I despise the idea of the dermal because it’s unappealing and looks bizarre… having one stone placed awkwardly in the middle of your ring finger.

Weddings rings are meant to be shown off to family and friends and are a way to show your love for someone, but the millennial generation feels the need to change the norm. Save yourself the pain and buy a wedding ring; most of us don’t need a $40,000 ring to say “I love you.” I’m begging you to stick to the rings and ditch painful finger piercings.