Extend the Trend: Thumb Print Eyeliner

By Abby Wisecarver

April is finally here and there are many makeup trends surfacing that are making their mark on this years spring makeup trends, like thumb print eyeliner.

Honestly, this look should be called dumb print eyeliner, because who wants to have a third eye on the side of their face? This trend is more dog-eared than cat-like, creating very skewed opinions on whether this trend is drab or fab.

First spotted on models walking in the Tom Ford runway, this eyeliner look is very uncanny. Instead of sharp winged eyeliner, this eyeliner resembles a thumb print because of the circular shape at the end of the eyelid. I am speechless at the amount of people who are falling in love with this trend, thumb-print eyeliner creates a harsh and not blended look that does not flatter the eye.  

I absolutely despise this look, but others feel differently. “I think this eyeliner look is super cool,” freshman psychology major Alanna Howerton said. “It’s very different and challenges the normal makeup trends we are used to. I’m excited to to give it a try.”

There are some things that people need to not do, and this trend is one of them. All I can think of is ink blots whenever I see this; if I ever wanted to see ink blots I would go to an art museum, not look at someone’s eyeliner.

Do yourself a favor and steer clear of this trend. Continue to draw the sharp winged eyeliner  that is easy and looks cute on most. Say “NO” to this trend and if you see someone attempting to rock this look, do them a favor and tell them to never do thumb print eyeliner again.