Batter Breakdown: Samuel Vega

Roland Hacker

Name: Samuel Vega

Position: Infield

Hometown: Vega Baja, Puerto Rico

Favorite sports team: St. Louis Cardinals and Cleveland Indians

“Growing up, [my team] was the St. Louis Cardinals,” Vega said. “It’s changed though because I have a friend who plays for the Cleveland Indians, so I have to root for him.”

Favorite athlete/role model: Francisco Lindor

“Francisco Lindor, that’s my friend,” Vega said.

Game strengths: Knowledge of the game

“I’m not the most talented guy but I know the game really well, so I can hang in there,” Vega said.

Favorite teammate: George Faue

“He’s roommate [and] my best friend,” Vega said. “I’ve known him the longest.”

Pre-game rituals: Listen to Music and drink an energy drink

“I listen to Bad Bunny, an artist from Puerto Rico, and I always drink a monster energy drink,” Vega said. “It gives me energy.”

Post-game meal: Fushi Yami

“I like Fushi Yami a lot,” Vega said. “I’m going there right after this.”

Favorite softball/baseball memory: Sweeping Toledo

“I had a big double play in game two,” Vega said. “The bases were loaded and the game was tied at two, it was a great time.”

Why you enjoy playing for NIU: The team

“We have a really good group of guys,” Vega said. “We enjoy being together. We’re always hanging out and having a good time.”

Vega is in the midst of a second strong season with the Huskies. He is hitting .279 with two home runs and 16 RBIs in 35 games this season.

In his career at NIU, Vega boasts an impressive .377 slugging percentage and .290 batting average.

Vega and his teammates return home 3 p.m. Friday with a game against the Miami University RedHawks.