Extend the Trend: Eye Shadow Stamp

By Abby Wisecarver

Some days I wake up in the morning ready to take on the world and put on a full face of makeup, other days I’m extremely lazy and not in the mood to go glam. This new beauty hack is a great way to look like you spent an hour on your eye shadow, when in reality it only took five minutes.

The inventive new makeup tool is called an eye shadow stamp. Retailing on Amazon.com for only $8.99, the eye shadow stamp will help you save time in the morning. Using this tool is relatively easy, pressing the shadow of your choice onto the stamp and simply press it against your eyelid.

Not only does the eye shadow stamp save you time to finish the homework assignment you forgot was due, but it’s also very affordable. The eye shadow stamp will assist you in making your eye shadow look crisp and clean, while only taking a few seconds to apply. Forget about blending till your fingers cramp up and just try the stamp.

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