Minimalist house plant DIY


Add life to any room with this creative and artistic plant display.

By Cris Rojo

This spring, students can help their living space or office blossom into warmth with a minimalist plant display that requires no previous gardening skills.


• A transparent vase or planter

• 1 small bag of white rocks

• 8 quarts bag of potting soil, such as Miracle Gro

• Small succulents or cacti

• Gardening gloves


1. Begin by putting the white rocks on the bottom of the vase to create a drainage system within the closed vase or planter. Be sure to add at least 1 inch minimum of rock.

2. Add a layer of soil on top of the rocks. This layer will measure about 2 inches.

3. Make a hole in the soil at the bottom of the vase where the plant will be placed.

4. Remove the plant from its original packaging and gently untangle the roots if necessary.

5. Place the plant within the soil and bury the roots.

6. To add more plants, repeat steps 1 through 5.

7. Once the plants are put into the vase or planter, add in any decorations, such as extra rock.