Hot tea warms students in frost

Fresh brewed tea served up at low costs at Yen Ching in DeKalb.

By Cris Rojo

The holidays are over and the semester is beginning, but there is one thing left to celebrate with National Hot Tea Month and this rundown will spill the tea on the best establishments around campus to celebrate at.

Egg Haven, 2562 Sycamore Road

Egg Haven serves up fresh dishes and popular all-natural juices, but it’s the tea that makes this establishment a must try. The easy going diner offers a variety of freshly brewed teas, organic hot tea varieties and valentine loose leaf tea varieties as posted on their menu.

“Egg Haven has to be the best place to get tea,” freshman biology major, Nyari Turner said. “I usually get what is called the Sweet Almond. Egg Haven even allows you to steep your own tea leaves.”

The Sweet Almond tea has a hazel brown color featuring a roasted, sweet cinnamon herbal taste with an extra kick. Another popular tea offered is the coconut leaf tea which is featured as an option in the Valentine Loose Leaf tea variety. This earthy-all natural brewed tea is sure to give students a smooth texture with a slightly sweet twist.

The menu offers teas, with a bright and bold pigmented touch upon viewing. The variety of teas are sure to leave customers with a sweet and fulfilling taste. Egg Haven is just a 10 minute drive from campus and students can expect to spend an average of $15 at this tea establishment.

Yen Ching, 810 W. Lincoln


Members of the community looking for a mellow, yet classic Chinese experience can head over to Yen Ching. The family owned business offers a variety of Chinese dishes such as egg drop soup and shrimp fried rice. Aside from the long list of dishes, customers can enjoy their tea.

Yen Ching’s hot tea has a mahogany brown color and offers a special sweet taste to dance on patron’s taste buds, making it unlike other teas. This soothing and hot beverage leaves a mellow finish after the first sip.

Students looking to get their fill on tea will be pleased to learn the establishment charges $1 for refills and is approximately a 5 minute walk from campus.

“I really love the tea they have at Yen Ching,” junior art education major, Paulina Morales said. “They bring it to you right away and it is so tasty and warm. They’re also really friendly about refills too. If you bring in your own container they’ll fill it up for you no charge. It’s too good to honestly be true.”

From Home

In the cold weather, students might want to take the opportuni-tea to stay at home and make their own hot tea. By brewing tea at home, students can enjoy the luxury of adding whatever ingredients they desire as well as a more affordable option too.

“I don’t get in shops much because it’s honestly all the same to me besides the brand name,” freshman biology major, Da’Nasia Ocasio said. “You’re paying for the brand and not the product. People think one tea is better, but in reality it actually comes from the same strand. I make my own green tea using the brand Benner.”

Benner Tea is a pure green tea with zero calories for anyone looking to enjoy a caffeinated and hot beverage, according to Students can purchase the tea at Aldi, 2569 Sycamore Road for $1.39. Aldi is about a 10 minute drive from campus,

Participating in Hot Tea Month can be as simple as brewing up a cup of tea and sitting back while scrolling through the internet or sharing a laugh while out with friends. It is a great opportunity for students to cut back on coffee or detox from the holidays, and there are plenty of establishments for students to visit to get their fix.