Fashion app saves and raises money

By Cris Rojo

DeKALB — Poshmark, the nation’s largest social marketplace for fashion, is kicking off its fifth semester of #PoshOnCampus, a three-month voluntary program taking place at 97 campuses across America including NIU.

The app, Poshmark, allows users the opportunity to sell any high quality, unwanted pieces of clothing regardless of the brand. It connects sellers with other users and allows fashion lovers to connect with others within their community who share similar interests.

“I want to say it was about three years ago when I found Poshmark,” Stephanie Sickles, University of Albany graduate student, said. “I found it through an ad on Facebook and, as a college student, I thought I could use the extra money. I downloaded it, and ever since, I have been obsessed with the app and use it more than any of my other social media apps.”

The app allows users to bring each other fashionable choices with affordable prices, as well as bring a wide variety of brands. It creates a community which can combine elements of high-end fashion brands like Versace and Calvin Klein with moderately priced brands such as Adidas and Victoria’s Secret.

Not only is Poshmark bringing affordable fashion through its app, but it is also incorporating the NIU community through the marketing and branding side of the business by allowing students the opportunity to be an on-campus representative. By being part of the program, students will gain social and marketing skills, as well as experience in event planning.

“We want to continue to empower our campus representatives to embrace their inner entrepreneur, as well as realize that the positive impact they make in their communities on Poshmark, at school and beyond matters,” Kelly Groves, Poshmark public relations & closet coordinator, said. “We provide the tools and the opportunities for our college Poshers, but it is up to them to take advantage of this opportunity and make what they want out of it.”

On Jan. 16, Poshmark awarded California State mathematics graduate student Manal Saad, Arizona State sophomore economics Allissa Valenzuela and Sickles each $500 to celebrate their individual success as campus representatives. The money was then donated to an organization of their choice within their institution, according to a Jan. 23 Poshmark press release.

“I gave my $500 to an organization on my campus called the Albany Dress For Success program,” Sickles said. “I thought it was a nice combination of the fashion world and my area of study, which is public health. I thought it was neat because it was a way for me to help people through a fashion element.”

Students can use Poshmark to sell unwanted clothing or purchase clothes from other users in the area. However, by launching the #PoshmarkOnCampus movement, students are also granted the opportunity to work behind the scenes of the widely successful fashion channel and are given the chance to learn marketing skills and spread a sense of community on campus through the universal language of fashion.