Things Not To Forget To Do During Finals

By Eve Grunauer

It’s the final countdown. Finals are here whether you like it or not, so sit down, buckle up and enjoy the ride. While cruising through this week full of stress, anxiety and tears, there are simple things you should not forget to do.

1.Brush your teeth

Morning breath can last till your 2 p.m. final, so do us all a favor and brush your teeth. Think of it as a two minute break from finals…woo, go live it up.

2. Put socks on both of your feet

It’s okay, go ahead and check. One, two and okay, perfect! Reward yourself for remembering to put both socks on today… if you forgot to, don’t worry because you can try again tomorrow.  

3. Drink. Water. Please.

Trust me, your skin will thank you. You’ll probably already have a few breakouts from so much stress, so don’t give your skin another excuse to breakout. Fill up your water bottle and sip the day away.

4. Bathe

Your body will thank you and your classmates will thank you. The classroom will already be filled with anxiety and it doesn’t need your days worth of stress sweat build up too.

5. Sleep

What? What is this sleep you speak of? Yes, for you to function like a “normal” human being then you need sleep. We all know that point in the night where everything we are studying goes in one ear and out the next. So, instead of wasting your time looking at nonsense, get some rest to recharge and come back stronger in the morning.

To everyone taking finals, good luck. You’ve worked hard all year, so put that knowledge to the test. Rock it out and believe in yourself. You are an awesome individual who works hard. Rest easy after break and come back stronger. You’ve got this!