Don’t Miss Tomlinson’s New Defining Single

By Lauren Clohessy

A little over a year ago, former One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson performed for the first time since the band’s hiatus with the song, “Just Hold On.”

Since then, Tomlinson has released collaborations with Digital Farm Animals and Bebe Rexha, along with a true solo song.

His newest release, “Miss You,” released Friday morning, is considered his true second single.

Fans around the world are tweeting and proclaiming this as Tomlinson’s best track so far. The tune lacks the masked EDM beats prevalent in Tomlinson’s previous releases. Instead the lyrics and flow of this song are accompanied by a leading guitar, kept in time by a steady beat. There’s even a mixed in strong sound completing the ensemble and  making it the most prominent.

The track narrates how so many people feel when missing their ex-partners. He tries to make himself forget his former lover by partying, distractions and lying how everything is great. But the lingering lines in his chorus is a moment of thought we’ve all had.

“Should be laughing, but there’s something wrong

And it hits me when the lights go on

Shit, maybe I miss you”

Tomlinson is set to debut the single live on U.K.’s X Factor Saturday evening.