Tis’ the Cuffing Season



By Haley Galvin

Winter is coming and so is cuffing season. Every year during the fall and winter months, singles couple up: those who are normally content with being single find someone to spend the cold months with. Cuffing season is in full swing and who doesn’t want someone to cuddle with on cold night? This season makes everything better, from family parties to binge watching season two of “Strangers Things.” Just having someone with you can make this time of year a memorable one.

How to find that special someone?

For cuffing season, there needs to be that perfect someone to spend it with. Here are a few good qualities to look for in someone special.

1. Good Cuddler: Winter nights are cold and there needs to be someone to warm up next to and cuddle with. From movies to tv shows to the chestnuts roasting on an open fire, having someone to share your experience with makes it all worth it.

2. Family Friendly: There are countless family parties and gatherings happening and it always helps to have a bae with you. They can help you navigate the many questions from crazy Aunt Sally about your major and when you’re supposed to graduate. They can be the breath of fresh air in a sometimes stressful environment.

3. Willing to listen: Cold winter nights are often when you want to stay up and just talk about life. Your special someone should be willing to not just talk but listen too. Get to know each other by doing a speed round of questions.

Do it Right

Once you have found that special someone to endure the cold months with, it’s time to return the favor. They are your family party companion, your late night cuddle buddy and potentially one of your best friends. Who knows? If you’re good at it, cuffing season can be year round.