Point/Counterpoint: Feminism


Point/Counterpoint: Feminism

Hypocritical feminists need to chill

Columnist Mackenzie Meadows

Feminists are proving that they are too sensitive to argue real issues so they turn to the most asinine targets especially in a Sept. 5 TheBlaze article where they protest changing hurricane to himacane. Feminists need to tone it down just a little before women are seen as just one big punch line. Women usually hate being called names that attack their character, yet feminists thought it would be a good idea to create a lipstick company called Lipslut to support their F*ck Trump campaign, according to the Lipslut website.

It’s OK for feminists to call each other sluts, but the second someone else does it seems like it is the end of the world. The growing issue of rape culture also has been circulating the feminist community, but don’t worry, feminists are handling it by walking around topless on city streets protesting that if a man looks at them while being naked, then the man is the guilty party; all logicality is lost. This is used in response to the idea that the women’s clothing is the reason for assault. It is a good idea to bring awareness to putting fault on the rapist and not the victim but how the movement is going about it is just horrible. It’s painting the way people look at women like we are all crazy for just wanting our rights. It’s being taken to an extreme, an extreme that is doing more damage than good.

In the April 11, 2016, issue of the Northern Star, students spoke up during the Who Needs Feminism Campaign and gave reasons as to why the world needs feminism. Reasons such as dissolving stereotypes and saving women from the rape culture; “I need feminism because my body is not inherently sexual,” said Emma Durham, senior psychology major. In the issue feminism isn’t painted as crazy or over the top; it’s depicted to help end the stigma around women. The crazy and extreme feminists are living up to the stereotype that women are whiny and complain about everything because that is exactly what they are doing. Extreme feminists aren’t helping women, they are simply proving the masses correct.


Feminism keeps women expressively safe

Perspective contributor Alyson Schott

This world needs feminism in it; it needs women who stand up for one another and for themselves. It will show the next generation that it is all right to stand up for themselves when they are being called names because of what they wear, what product they use or what they do in general.

There are many policies at workplaces and schools that are based on what women are allowed to wear. For example, many can’t wear spaghetti strapped shirts because they must be a certain thickness and high school students can’t wear shorts shorter than their fingertips.

It shouldn’t matter what kind of clothes women wear. In July, a female reporter was barred from the Speaker’s Lobby outside of the House Chamber for wearing a dress with no sleeves. She tried making sleeves out of notebook paper, and she was still turned away.

Throughout communities, you see women walking around in the clothes they feel good in. If it’s super revealing, so be it. That’s what they want to wear. So many people in society have problems with the clothes that other women wear. Sometimes, the clothes that are worn may be motivation, ‘If that girl can wear it, so can I.’ It would then start a new trend for that girl. Clothes are one of the ways women are able to express themselves. What they wear may make them feel good to be themselves around other people. It is not women’s fault that men look at them a certain way when they walk or sit down. They shouldn’t have to get new clothes or have to change out of what they wear if something is too revealing. Men should stop looking at women seductively. Women shouldn’t have to change the way they express themselves.

The main problem is that women aren’t able to be themselves or express themselves because of all the rules and the judgements. Women need to stand together, stick up for themselves and one another while staying true to themselves and encouraging the next generation.