3 Podcasts Every College Commuter Should Listen To

By Victoria Lambton

Almost every college commuter student knows what it feels like to make the journey to class day after day. Whether it’s the interminable ride to school or the long, treacherous walks from building to building, commuting daily can be a tedious act. Spotify playlists grow tiresome and overused, and the quick phone calls to friends become excessive and frequent. In an effort to change things up, check out these fresh and amusing podcasts to make you look forward to a lengthy day of car rides and walks rather than dreading it.

Jenna & Julien

At over 19 million subscribers, YouTube star Jenna Marbles earns her living publishing weekly comedic videos online to viewers all over the world. Her boyfriend, Julien Solomita, also makes weekly videos on YouTube, vlogging about his life in LA. Together, the couple record podcasts every Monday, discussing topics from conspiracy theories to hosting various YouTube stars. Jenna and Julien appeal to a wide audience in a fun, interesting way. Be sure to check out these quirky and completely random 60 minute podcasts that add an exciting twist to your Monday blues.

“Off the Vine” with Kaitlyn Bristowe

For those of us Bachelor/Bachelorette fans, we deeply cherish the Monday nights when we’re able to nestle into our couches and tune into ABC’s most dramatic television show. But what happens after the final rose ceremony? What happens when the withdrawals kick in and we have to wait months for the next season? Well to keep your minds preoccupied until the newest bachelor, Ari Luyendyk, makes his debut, check out Kaitlyn Bristowe’s weekly podcasts. The Season 11 Bachelorette star created her podcast series in May 2017, and since then has featured various guests from the Bachelor franchise such as her fiancée Shawn Booth, Season 20 of the Bachelor winner Lauren Bushnell and the newly married Bachelor in Paradise couple Carly and Evan. “Off the Vine” with Kaitlyn Bristowe is a refreshing substitute to hold us over every Tuesday until the premiere of Season 22 of the Bachelor.

“Crash on My Couch” by Arden Rose and Will Darbyshire

Youtube stars and authors Arden Rose and Will Darbyshire team up together in this weekly podcast. Targeted toward people navigating their 20’s, college students will feel connected to the tales, theories, and topics discussed in depth between the couple. From relatable topics such as friend breakups to the entertaining ideas of sexiest dance moves, Arden and Will showcase a versatile, plentiful amount of content to leave you in tears or contagious giggles. Tune into “Crash on My Couch” every Wednesday for an easy fix to get you through the rest of your week.