ABC’s “The Good Doctor” is promising and captivating

By Lauren Clohessy

American Broadcasting Company (ABC) is known for a variety of TV shows near and dear to Americans’ hearts. We get excited for TGIT, a night full of “Scandal,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “How to Get Away with Murder.” Mondays especially hold a special place for a lot of people, because it’s “Bachelor” Mondays. Now that those are over, how do we spend Monday nights, waiting for new episodes of “The Middle” and “Blacki-ish” to air on Tuesdays? Easy: tune into Monday’s new hit series, “The Good Doctor.”

When I first saw the preview for the show a few months ago, I immediately knew I’d watch the first episode. The lead is played by a favorite of mine, Freddie Highmore from “Bates Motel” and “August Rush,” and the show is a medical drama, what more can I ask for?

Before I give it a review, let’s begin with a synopsis of the plot.

The show follows surgical resident Shaun Murphy, played by Highmore, at a San Jose hospital. The entirety of the first episode alternates between a discussion between the Hospital Board and Murphy’s rare travels. The hospital president, played Richard Schiff, is defending his decision of hiring Dr. Murphy to the board, who believes Murphy is a high risk hire because he has Autism and Savant Syndrome.

Although, throughout the discussion, Murphy uses his rare skills and abilities to save a young boy’s life at the airport, after another doctor failed to notice symptoms.

That’s as far as I’ll go without giving the ending away. As for the review, the show has and 8.4 rating so far on IMDb.

I personally think the series constructs a new view on the medical dramas America loves so dearly. Like most, this show has the hidden relationships between coworkers and hostile demeanor between superior and secondary employees.

What makes this show so unique is Dr. Murphy. The way the director, Mike Listo, portrays Murphy’s thoughts and experiences is captivating. As Murphy goes through  medical possibilities in his mind, the graphics that let the audience gain insight into his knowledge are absorbing.

The show made me happy and angry at different moments, and I even shed some tears. I look forward to where the show goes throughout the season and hopefully it will become a new favorite. 

“The Good Doctor” is on ABC on Monday nights at 10/9 central. It can also be streamed on ABC’s website or Hulu.