Feminism Lookin’ Fine: DIY Costumes

By Ginger Simons

Rosie the Riveter


Required materials: Blue shirt, red bandana and a face that means business.

Marie Curie

Required materials: Long dress, frizzy hair, test tube and the knowledge that a man will probably get credit for your life’s work.

Amelia Earhart

Required materials: Boots, jacket, aviator hat, goggles and a cute model airplane from Michael’s would also add a nice touch.

1920s Suffragette

Required materials: Long dress, fancy hat, “Rights for Women” sash and the desire to crush the patriarchy.

Joan of Arc


Required materials: Boots, sword, armor. If you’re tight on cash, you can get creative with some tin foil.

Sojourner Truth

Required materials: Long dress, turban, shawl, glasses and annoyance because they should just put you on the ten dollar bill already.

Gloria Steinem

Required materials: Khakis, turtleneck, “We Shall Overcome” picket sign and/or handcuffs.

Yoko Ono

Required materials: Honestly anything as long as you’ve got giant, round sunglasses. Extra points for weird, avant-garde outfits.

Hillary Clinton


Required materials: So long as you’ve got a brightly colored pantsuit, people will probably get the idea.