Single-shoulder cuts remain fashionable

By Darius Parker

The seasons are changing and with it comes a shift of fashion trends. Whether a person is into sandals or sneakers, skirts or leggings, there’s a fashion trend that’s just right for every type of Huskie.


Some may have thought leggings would be a thing of the past, but that’s the farthest from the truth. Designers from Forever 21 and Akira have gone to great lengths to re-engage the consumer by adding different types of prints, patterns and designs to leggings to enhance the overall look. The newest of the leggings trend is the liquid legging. This legging gives the wearer a sleek and shiny look that is best paired with a heel or wedged sneaker.

Single-shoulder cutouts

Take a moment to think of what the current mannequins in some popular stores are wearing, the one-shoulder cutout is the first thing to come to mind. The design is usually paired with a blouse or dress that is sometimes oversized but adds to the chicness of the look by exposing the shoulder. New York Fashion Week 2017 featured many garments with the single-shoulder cutout from designers such as Chris Gelinas, Monse and Tibi hinting at the trend.

Sleeve slits

Sleeve slits are more of a formal design but can be found on casual items like t-shirts or blouses as well. The slits give a regal and upscale bump to any look regardless of if the wearer dresses the item up or down. Initially, sleeve slits were seen on high-end fashion dresses and jackets from the likes of Michael Kors and Lacoste, but now, they’ve become a style worn on casual occasions.

Lace dusters

Whether it sweeps the floor or flows past the knee, a lace duster is a very special add-on to any type of look. A duster can be paired with any type of ensemble to give it an elegant flair. Lace is an upcoming style as far as trends are concerned. Dusters are flowy and light so the wearer can enjoy the cool breezes of summer and still feel like the center of attention.