Students showcase heritage

By Hayden Perkins

DeKALB — Present Perfect Modeling Organization has been a proud and meticulous student organization for the past 32 years, and they will be hosting a one-of-a-kind fashion show 7 p.m. Wednesday in the Duke Ellington Ballroom.

“It’s about showcasing African-Americans in a positive way,” said President of P.P.M.O. Oba Daniels.

The show itself is more akin to a variety show, with the participants telling jokes and dancing in an effort to avoid the traditional catwalk display the entire time, Daniels said.

The show has five planned scenes, all with their own separate themes for the clothing. Daniels also said they will have special guests, but he did not want to give away who they will be.

“We really just want it to be fun and engaging and get people involved on campus,” Daniels said.

The show is a product of other participants’ style and ideas, allowing participants to put their own outfits together to express themselves and encourage originality.

Daniels also mentioned that there will be a series of vendors selling garments from places in Chicago that match or are similar to the styles seen in the show. The vendors will be located outside of the ballroom.

Ané King, junior early childhood studies major and choreographer for the Afro-Centric show, said she is very excited for the Barbie portion of the show.

“I feel like the outfits and the animation of the choreography is what’s going to bring the Barbie aspect to life,” King said.

Daniels said the entire organization is self-funded and that he hopes students come out to see the show. While the organization is one based on campus, it does not receive money from the school because P.P.M.O. has an audition process.

Ta’Kyrah Silmon, junior biology major and secretary of P.P.M.O., said she can’t wait to see the show come alive.

“We worked so hard on it, and we’re hoping for a great turnout,” Silmon said.

The doors to the show will open 7 p.m. Wednesday, and the show will start at 8:19 p.m. The cost for entry is $5 per person.