Students wait hours to vote

Sam Malone

Sophomore psychology major Alex Hendrick spent about two hours waiting in line at the Holmes Student Center to vote in what he said has been the most important Presidential Election to date.

The polling station at the student center, located in the Blackhawk Annex, allowed for same-day voter registration.

Manuel Amaro, senior electrical engineering major, said he had no one to blame for wasting his time other than himself.

“I’ve been waiting in this line for over an hour,” Amaro said. “It’s my own fault for waiting last minute to register here. I’m registered in Cook County, and I wasn’t going to vote at all, but last minute a friend guilt tripped me into it.”

Only one polling machine was available in the student center, and several students said the line rarely moved. After hours of waiting, some students were turned down, as they could not be reached before the polling stations had to close.

Amaro said students should vote, but do so early and never assume the line will be shorter on Election Day because as today proved, that isn’t true.