Organization of the week: NIU Investment Association

By Northern Star staff

Editor’s Note: The following text was edited for length and is not directly quoted.

Q: What are your organization’s goals?

A: As one of the largest premier student organizations in the College of Business, we strive to promote both finance education as well as their professional development of all students regardless of their major or prior investment knowledge through group discussions, presentations and a stock market stimulation.

Q: Why should people join your organization?

A: Students can enhance their knowledge about financial markets while having fun and meeting other motivated students in a supportive environment. Members of our association participate in prestigious finance conferences hosted by Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, BlackRock, PwC and Deloitte to name a few and our graduates have gone to pursue careers in top financial institutions, insurance companies, asset management companies and trading firms.

Q: What makes your organization unique?

A: NIU Investment Association focuses on more than just learning and having speakers. We are unique in that we provide experimental opportunities to our members to not only consider how financial and economic news and information impact the ever-changing global financial markets but also apply it firsthand in a stimulated stock market game that spans each semester. Members are referred to as “investors” to promote the organization’s professional quality. Eligible members (those who have paid their semester dues, attended the requisite number of meetings and presented at least once on either the stock or topic of the week) may receive cash prize for either performing well in the stock market simulated competition and/or participating actively throughout the semester. Members may also receive credit through the College of Business’s Passport program for experiential learning (through our portfolio competition) and business communications (through the weekly PowerPoint presentations). 

Q: What are some of your organization’s upcoming events?

A: We meet every Tuesday from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. in Barsema Hall, Room 301 where we discuss the latest news and have presentations during the meetings. On Nov. 29, we will showcase and award cash prizes to both the winners in the investment game and the selected top participants, all while enjoying delicious pizza. We are also working on enhancing the finance education of local high school students by organizing the annual competition for Chicagoland high school students that will kickoff in April 2017 on the NIU Campus.

Q: How many member do you have in your organization?

A: During Fall 2016 the NIU Investment Association has 128 reported members, of which 60 are active members. While the membership in organization is open to students of all majors, our members are primarily students of the College of Business.

Q: How can people join your organization?

A: We welcome any new students or faculty members interested in learning more about investing and how the stock market works; interested individuals can join as at any point in the semester 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in Barsema Hall, Room 301 for weekly meetings. Members are required to attend at least eight meetings and pay dues of $20 every semester to be considered active members of the organization and be eligible for cash prizes.

Q: How can people contact your organization?

A: You can contact us via email at or by visiting our website at

Q: Describe your organization in five words or less?

A: Current events discussion. Portfolio competition

Q: What are the requirements to join your organization?

A: The only requirements to join the Investment Association is to be an NIU student. Our organization welcomes and encourages students from any major to join. No prior knowledge is needed.