Election: Trump needs more than Florida to win

By Northern Star staff

Political Science Professor Matthew Streb thinks Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton doesn’t need to worry if she doesn’t get Florida’s electoral votes.

“Everyone is focused on Florida, and Florida’s great; Florida’s important, but Hillary Clinton doesn’t need to win Florida,” Streb said during a WNIJ radio broadcast tonight.

Streb said Clinton has leeway if she were to lose some battleground states tonight.

“Donald Trump could run the battleground states,” Streb said. “He could win Florida, North Carolina; I’ll throw in Ohio… even if he got all those things, he’s still short of 270 [electoral votes]. He needs to find a blue state that he can flip. If he ran the table in the battleground states, those four electoral votes would be enough to get him to 270, but Clinton’s got plenty of other firewalls if she were to lose in Florida.”