Reopening at The House unites about sixty

By Jesse Baalman

DeKALB | For a celebratory night of music and culture featuring a lineup of local alternative bands, The House, 263 E. Lincoln Highway, reopened its doors 7 p.m. Friday after several months of being closed, and about 60 locals showed up in support.

The House, formerly known as The House Cafe, changed titles under the new management of Martha and Mark Robinson. The establishment opened in 2000 under Sven Hanson, original building and business owner. Since then, the establishment has had four owners: Sven Hanson, Fareed Haque and Jan Pascolini, Brian and Alex Fausett and now, Martha and Mark Robinson.

The Barn Owl Band, one of the seven bands that played Friday, was excited about the eventful night. Tee Jay Kay, vocalist for the Barn Owl Band and regular at The House, believes the business is needed in the community.

“The main thing is that it’s open,” Kay said. “The stage looks nice. It’s a cornerstone in DeKalb culture. I’ve been coming here since I was 16 years old, [and] it’s exciting that it is starting up again.”

Many people have referred to the establishment as The House casually for years. Noah Hendrick, sophomore illustration major, does not think the name change will affect the business.

“I prefer The House, but the difference is marginal,” Hendrick said. “It’s not a big deal to me.”

The mentality among the entire crowd was meaningful and important. Adam Linder, 20, of Elgin, was one fellow musician in attendance in support of the reopening. He has a solo act and has played five times at The House. He said it was cool to see regular names that have been been at The House before.

“[The acts are] regular names,” Linder said. “It’s a fitting vibe for all these upbeat high-tempo bands. It’s a good, celebratory kind of thing; I dig it. So many people were heartbroken, so it’s good to see everyone here in a good mood and spirit.”

Solar Pulse had the honor of kicking off The House’s reopening. Andrew Schneider, vocalist and keyboardist for Solar Pulse, was having a great night. Schneider had positive opinions about The House’s name, success and legacy.

“I think people will be more willing to go to The House rather than The House Cafe because before, you had to buy a food item to get booze,” Schneider said. “Once they get their liquor license, it’ll be as popular as any bar on Lincoln Highway. Online it says ‘The House’, but everyone will recognize it as The House Cafe.”

Schneider said The House had a great sound system and the tonality was real nice. He said it’s the place for music.

“As far as what The House is worth to the local music scene, it is the local music scene,” Schneider said. There’s no other place like it. The House Cafe gave us a start, it’s one of a kind. It sounds to me like the place will be cooler than it was before.”