NIU safety report sums up criminal offenses


Domestic violence decreases drastically;
Stalking steadily increases

Upon Friday’s release of the 2016-17 Annual Safety and Security report, dating violence cases reported went up to 26 cases in 2015, from four cases in 2014. 

NIU releases the report annually to comply with the Clery Act. The report includes crime statistics from the last three years on campus and in certain off-campus areas, as well as campus security policies. 

The report shows cases of domestic violence dropped from 32 cases in 2013 to three cases in 2015. Reported cases of stalking have slowly increased from one case in 2013, to five cases in 2014 and to eight cases in 2015. 

The statistics on sex offenses have not seen drastic changes in the total number of cases in the last three years, staying in the range of 12 to 15 cases.  

In the last three years, one case of a hate crime was reported in 2015 and was classified as a hate crime against sexual orientation 

Cases of arson went down to one offense in 2015, compared to eight in 2014. Offenses of burglary and theft have not seen drastic changes in total number of cases in the last three years.

Some changes from the Clery Act required in the safety and security report this year include the addition of subcategories to sex offenses and hate crimes, as well as the addition of the Violence Against Women’s Act Offenses. 

Get more information on the statistics in the report and changes made by the Clery Act here.