Spears goes for glory

By Darius Parker

Britney Spears takes musical risks and reveals personal life in her ninth studio album “Glory.”

Singer Britney Spears released “Glory” Friday, suceeding her previous album “Britney Jean” released Dec. 3, 2013. “Britney Jean” didn’t fair too well in album sales debuting at No. 4, according to the Billboard Top 200 charts.

Spears is back with an album worthy of a listen appealing to avid Britney fans from back in the day as well as newer listeners. Spears takes listeners on a musical journey of pop and eletronic dance music beats coupled with some of Spears’ best writing that tell the stories of adult sleepovers and being the “it” girl in a room. “Glory” includes a feature from rapper G-Eazy and manages to hold the entire 17 track beauty all on her own, just as a legendary singer like herself should. Spears is making a statement with this album and has managed to gain popularity and fame with her music.

The first track on the album “Invitation” begins with supporting vocals on a loop. “You evoke the feeling, this feeling I’ve been dreaming of, I’m ready to reveal it, let inhibitions come undone,” Spears sings.

Spears is letting her love interest in the song know this is their chance to do what they’ve been wanting to do, and this is indeed their invitation to do so. She goes on to sing, “Here’s my invitation baby, hope it sets us free. To know each other better, put your love all over me.”

This is a great track to kick off the album because of Spears’ sultry and robotic approach to the musicality in the song. She’s alluring yet powerful all at the same time and is inviting just as the song implies while echoing “put your love all over me” throughout the track.

The album’s second track “Make Me” featuring G-Eazy, offers a different sound than “Invitation.” On this track, Spears’ vocals are stacked and angelic as she taught her love interest about encouraging her to make a move on him.

“I just want you to make me move, like it ain’t a choice for you, like you got a job to do, just want you to raise my roof,” Spears sings.

The title of Spears album speaks to what she is doing, attempting to reclaim her position on music and return herself to glory. The album is adventurous because of how different the production is on each track and how no two tracks sound the same.

The vocal range and power of Spears is notable and enjoyable throughout the album. Spears also performed “Make Me” Sunday at the Video Music Awards and had a great performance. “Glory” takes a risk, and this album is just what Spears needs to solidify her name and her career.