Fall TV shows: What will stay, what will go?

By Jesse Baalman

Columnist Jesse Baalman reviews the fall TV show line up and decides whether they are here to stay.

“This Is Us” —  Stay

This show should have no problem staying on air and establishing a loyal fanbase. With the end of NBC’s successful drama “Parenthood,” there is a void to be filled in the dysfunctional family dramedy section. “This Is Us” will do the job thanks to the unique storyline and diverse messages it sends for viewers of every kind to resonate with.

“Designated Survivor” —  Stay

This show looks like the newest must-watch political TV drama. It is an accomplishment that “Designated Survivor” has managed to set itself apart from other very popular shows of the same variety such as Netflix’s show “House of Cards.” The combination of fine work by Actor Kiefer Sutherland and an irresistible storyline will help this show find a big audience to help it stay on air.

“Lethal Weapon” —  Stay

With reboots and remakes dominating much of the entertainment industry today, a “Lethal Weapon” adaptation is not exactly as necessary as it should be. That being said, Actors Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford might be the reason why this show sticks around. Maybe this program won’t be a beloved addition to fall’s lineup, but it seems enjoyable enough to stick around beyond the first season. Repeated viewings might offer unexpected rewards.

“Bull” on CBS — Go

Actor Michael Weatherly is making the leap from his long-running role on “NCIS” as Anthony DiNozzo to his new show “Bull.” Unfortunately, he does not stick the landing. Some are able to go from one successful project to the next, but this is not that case. The show’s lack of appeal is not Weatherly’s fault, rather it’s the writing. This show offers nothing new to the genre it’s in. The program relies heavily on cliched aspects of past shows, while the projects listed above add something new and exciting. The future does not look promising for CBS’s latest.