Letter to the Editor: Alumnus thanks The House Café

Danny Cozzi

Thank you, House Café.

Thank you for offering DeKalb and NIU eager support of local music and art — as well as great food and of course, $2.50 Hamm’s Beer.

Thank you for being a place that fostered my own growth as a musician, as well as others’ from our own backyards and across the world.

Thank you for the 30 minutes generously given to All the Wine for our very first show Aug. 16, 2014.

Thank you for Jan. 16, 2015, when we headlined The House Café for the very first time — where I got too drunk and fell down while jumping on stage during our last song.

Thank you for Sept. 18, when we celebrated the release of our second Extended-Play record with our best friends.

Thank you for April 29, when we played our favorite Against Me! songs to raise money for the NIU UNICEF Campus Initiative.

Thank you for introducing me to Seasonal Men’s Wear, The RPMs, Crystal Gravy, Last Night In Leeds, 100 Aker Wood, This Inspired, The Wistful Larks, Nobelium 102, Little Rivals, I, The Martian, The Watsons and many more.

Thank you to Brian and Alexandra Fausett for taking the risk to give The House Café another chance at life. And thank you to Joel Kennedy, who always welcomed me and my bandmates to play whenever we wanted.

Most of all, thank you for proving to me I made the right choice devoting every day of my life to music. I’ll never forget it.