Pass/Fail: SA evironmental affairs committee approved; former senator suing SA wastes time

By Kara Mercer


NIU has increasingly been going green over the years, and a committee on environmental Aafairs is going to help. It is important for everyone’s voice to be heard in the Student Association. The approval of a committee that will allow environmental studies majors to be heard shows a willingness to be progressive. It also shows that the SA wants to take on the process of bettering NIU and the environment around us.


The SA is being sued by former senator Leon Kincaid. Kincaid is suing the SA up to $5,000 for “intentional” violation of the Illinois Open Meetings Act, according to a May 2 Northern Star article. The SA held a nine-hour closed meeting to vote on eight charges against SA Vice President Reggie Bates. The accusation seems like it will just be a waste of SA’s time. While the SA probably should have allowed the public into the meeting, it does not seem to be a matter to sue over.