Style Guide: Styles through the decades

By Samantha Keck

Styles and fashion trends tend to come from everywhere. Here are some trends through the decades that have made their way back.


The styles were all about bright, psychedelic colors. Bright or bold colors are back. Between bold lipstick and heels to bright shirts or purses, there can always be a statement piece.

Another style is the military style. It was popular in the ‘60s and it has shown it has popularity again. Both men and women can wear military jackets and army green throughout the spring and summer seasons.


Tall boots and chunky high heels are still very much in style. Tall boots are a classic touch to any woman’s wardrobe, no matter her age. They’re a comfortable way to dress up a casual outfit.

Another shoe is the chunky high heel. They’re coming in hot and quick, and many women like the fact that the thick heel makes them comfortable.


Fanny packs and “Man buns” have certainly been able to stick around. The ‘80s had a very unique style. A lot of the trends were very intense and distinct. Fanny packs aren’t huge to wear on a daily basis, but young women and girls wear them when they go to festivals and the beach ­— places where a purse would be less practical. The trend of “man buns” — which is slowly fading out, finally — is a different version of the ponytails men wore in the ‘80s.


Combat boots and ripped jeans are a for sure way to spice up an outfit. Combat boots left the casual scene slightly and made their return in recent years. Ripped jeans are an example of an item that has evolved after the ‘90s. Women still wear them to add some spice into an outfit.