Pass/Fail: Career Services helps students avoid online scams; SA postpones Bill 47026

By Kara Mercer


With summer approaching, job scams can become more prevalent as students seek summer opportunities. Emails get sent out for different job prospects and it is hard for students to know what is legitimate. Career Services has a website that has information for students on ways to handle online job scams and encourages students to seek answers before contacting a potential employer. It is good that Career Services recognizes that there are job scams out there that students can fall for and offers students information so they can protect themselves.


The Student Association Senate voted to postpone SA Bill 47026, which would combine the positions of the director of public affairs position with the director of advertising position according to a Monday Northern Star article. The SA is down to 20 members, which is the minimum amount they can hold. The bill is something SA should really consider, since combining positions with a lighter workload would be a good way for the SA to work more efficiently with fewer members.