Top Lifestyle Apps for Earth Day

By Jay Ibarra

Earth Day is on Friday, and it’s known globally as a day to preserve the earth and keep it clean, so use apps in your phone to be more eco-friendly.

If you have yet to show your part by demonstrating how you keep this world clean, there are many lifestyle apps in the App Store and Google Play Store that can get you on track and help you live a sustainable life.

Here are a few of the best lifestyle apps that will help you keep the planet and yourself a little bit more green this Earth Day.


This app gives you more than one million ways to recycle more than 350 materials, according to iTunes. This app is not only good locally, but for when you are on the go too. It can help you understand what can be recycled and where it can be recycled. This app is free through the App Store and Google Play Store.


Understanding what you are putting in your body is important. GoodGuide Inc. created an app to find products that are safe, healthy and evoke green living for the average consumer. All you do is scan a barcode or search a product and GoodGuide gives your product a scientific rating, according to iTunes. The rating helps you understand if your product is safe for you. The products on this app vary from consumable products to household cleaners. This app is free though the App Store and Google Play Store.

Recycle It

If there was ever any confusion on what household items you could recycle each week, downloading this app could be the perfect solution. It also comes with a trash tracker to count how much you’re recycling, and when you’re done, you can share your recycling success on social media. Recycle It provides users with daily and weekly reminders to take out the trash. This app is free through the App Store.

WWF Together

Educating yourself about endangered species can be fun, with this app created by the World Wildlife Fund. This interactive app is the window to all things wildlife, with up-to-date conversation, wildlife news, beautiful photos and cool animal facts. It also gives you ways to get involved and help protect endangered animals if you feel inspired. Starting today and continuing through Sunday, 100 percent of the money from the in-app download of “Earth story” will go straight to the World Wildlife Fund as a part of its Apps for Earth promotion. This app is also available for free through the Google Play Store and the App Store.