Pantone’s Color Of the Year

By Samantha Keck

Pantone released two colors of the year for the first time: serenity and rose quartz.

Pantone, a company known for providing color systems and communications of color, began releasing the color of the year in 2000. The color of the year usually symbolizes what we see in pop culture and how it serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude, according to Pantone’s website.

The chosen color is used by designers and retailers all year. The reason Pantone is responsible for deciding the color of the year is because it is a company that defines the standard of color accuracy for industries where color is crucial.

Serenity is a light, baby blue and rose quartz is a pale pink. The colors symbolize calmness and compassion while incorporating the social movement of gender fluidity.

The unique part of the 2016 color selection is that they are supposed to accommodate everyone and they’re complimenting colors, which can be a fun way to incorporate them into your style.


This year everything is becoming more unisex. Lately, rose quartz has been the trendiest metal to wear. Rose quartz has been included in many aspects of our lives from iPhones, colors, shoes and home décor. Personally, I think serenity is a great shade to use when looking for clothes or decoration. Its tranquil essence makes the hue comforting to use. These colors can be worn anytime and during any season, which makes the colors very versatile.


These colors are a huge hit in the makeup department. Sephora, a cosmetics and beauty company, has a part of its website dedicated to the incorporation of the color of the year. There are lipsticks, eye makeup and even nail polish featuring serenity and rose quartz. Makeup is an easy way to experiment with the colors.

The color of the year is always a good excuse to try something new and step outside of your comfort zone by being bold and brilliant on the color spectrum.