Students should vote early before leaving for spring break

Before students head home or to their spring break destinations next week, they should vote early in the 2016 primary election to make sure their voice is heard.

Spring break is from Sunday to March 20, which means many students may not be in DeKalb for the March 15 primary election.

Not only will the county’s state attorney and board district be put up to a vote, but candidates for senator and president will also be on the ballot. This is looking to be a historic election every student should want to be part of, especially since hot topics mentioned by candidates include tuition and student loans.

There are two different approaches the editorial board suggests students take to make sure their vote is heard.

Early voting started in DeKalb County satellite locations on Feb. 29 and will continue up until election day on March 15. If students are registered to vote in DeKalb, there is a early voting polling location in the Holmes Student Center. Illinois allows same-day registration, so students can also register at polling locations if they have yet to register.

A good option for students who are registered in their home counties is to vote by mail, which is done by registering and filling out a paper ballot. The deadline to register to vote by mail is Thursday.

The Student Association has been active in holding voter registration drives throughout the year and throughout campus.

In three hours, 32 students were registered at the voter registration drive Oct. 27 in the New Residence Hall Community Center, said SA Senate Speaker Dillon Domke, according to a Nov. 16 Northern Star article. This means there are at least tens of students registered who need to make sure their voter registration is put to good use.

Spring break is no excuse to not get out and vote. There are many opportunities for students to get out the vote before leaving DeKalb before the primary election.