Pass/Fail: Green Initiative to spark movement, Cost of Convenience has poor location

By Kara Mercer


The Green Initiative could spark more green movements.

NIU continues to take steps towards having a cleaner campus. The Green Office initiative is an initiative sponsored by the Student Association to make offices on campus greener.

The initiative outlines certain aspects to maintaining a greener office that some employees might not think about. Doing small things like recycling batteries, toner, pens and print cartridges, as well as turning computers off at night and getting rid of pay stubs can minimize NIU’s impact on the planet.

Using a reward system is a good idea to get offices on board with the initiative. Offices and departments can self-evaluate their offices and move up in levels in order to motivate their staff.

Having this initiative could lead to other movements across campus. NIU should work, as a community, toward a cleaner campus.


Judge Thomas Lynch, Attorneys Justin Sorer and John Hardison and Student Association member Jose Soto will host The Cost of Convenience from 6:30-8:30 p.m. April 27 at Fatty’s Pup and Grille, 1312 W. Lincoln Hwy.

The program will be on how to borrow money, save it, and will give information about credit cards.

The program is a good idea, but the location may confuse some. While having door prizes and free chips and salsa is a good way to attract people, the location could be noisy and unproductive and the message might not get across because Fatty’s is a popular place for DeKalb residents as well as NIU students.