Tips for efficient spring break packing

By Samantha Keck

As spring break approaches, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of what to wear. Eventually, you’ll realize you most likely need to fit all your things in as small of a bag as you can.

Talk to other people

The best way to eliminate things I thought I would need is to ask friends who have been to where I’m going. Usually I over pack and then after I’ve spoken to a friend of mine, I realize I didn’t need half of the things I was originally going to pack. It’s nice to have someone who has already experienced and can tell you the dos and don’ts of packing!

Make a list

If you’re going on a trip with friends, you should have an idea about what the gang has planned. Especially if you’re going to be on a beach or hiking in the Mountains. You’re going to know if you should pack a bathing suit or a winter jacket. Making a list is an almost full proof way of making sure you don’t forget anything.

Ways to fold

How you fold your clothes can be a crucial key in making sure you have enough space. One way is to roll up your shirts and pants individually. This saves up a lot of space in your bag compared to layering your items. Also, being able to mix and match garments for different outfits is great because it’s less quantity you’re putting into your bag. Sticking socks in gym shoes is another small and easy trick to save space.

After packing is out of the way, you can now focus on how great your week is going to be without the stress of school.