Osabuohien striving to go pro with tennis

Adey Osabuohien 

Adey Osabuohien 

By Danielle Brown

Junior Adey Osabuohien has remained one of the most productive players for women’s tennis, aiming for a professional career when she’s done at NIU.

Osabuohien started off her tennis career at the age of 10. She picked up the sport from her mother, who was also a tennis player when she was young. Osabuohien said she loved the sport from the start and believes she was born with a natural talent for the game of tennis.

The junior has 69 combined career wins coming into this season and has done a good job of being consistent. She’s also performed well in her doubles matches this season, partnering with senior Cristina Alvarez. The two have gone 3-3 in their doubles matches this year. They are two of the Huskies’ longest tenured players.

She also had professional influences for her love of the game. Her idol was Venus Williams growing up, but she has grown an even larger admiration for Williams’ sister Serena Williams now that she is older. She acknowledged that the sisters have been her biggest inspiration outside of her mom.

Osabuohien said she sees room for improvement in her game even though she’s played well. Osabuohien has a short-term goal of winning MAC Player of the Year and a long term goal of earning up to a million dollars playing tennis. Her plan is to achieve her goals by going professional with the sport.

Osabuohien has a long way to achieve her goals, but she’s worked extremely hard at getting there. She’ll be able to make a run at 100 career wins if she keeps her stellar play up, and the Huskies will benefit in the process.