Chris Brown drops derogatory mixtape

Alexis Malapitan

Hip-hop artist Chris Brown surprised fans Friday with a 34-track mixtape, “Before the Party,” featuring artists Rihanna and Fetty Wap; however, the mixtape failed to surprise me.

Although I am not an avid fan of Brown, I enjoy listening to his music. The album starts off slowly and seductively with its first track, “Counterfeit,” which features, Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa and Kelly Rowland. Brown starts off singing, “Swear it isn’t real” in his raspy but familiar voice. This unexpected collaboration between Brown and Rihanna would make for a good baby-making song, but Wiz Khalifia’s verse was unnecessary and ruined the feel of the sensual song.

The album’s ninth track, “Text Message,” starts off with low, seductive jungle-inspired drums as Tyga almost immediately spits his sick rhymes. Brown and Tyga almost boast about receiving X-rated text messages from their love interests. The chorus is vividly and explicitly offensive.

“Hell of a Night”, the mixtape’s 15th track, which features French Montana and Fetty Wap, is oddly similar ­­­— if not identical — to Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen.” Brown and Fetty Wap frequently chant “Yeah baby” throughout the song just like Fetty Wap does in “Trap Queen.”

Brown’s 28th track “Matter” is a pleasant reminder of how Brown’s music used to be from 2006 to 2010. I like this song because it shows Brown hasn’t completely strayed away from his roots of singing about love and relationships.

Brown has come a long way since his “Run It!” and “With You” days. He raps about sex, drugs and alcohol, among other things, and even though I am a fan of his music, this mixtape was a disappointment.

The lyrics to his songs were too graphic for my liking, and I only like listening to him when he has songs I can dance to, like “Ayo” or “Turn Up the Music.” His hard work and dedication is evident, but I was let down.