Voter registration drives to return

By Northern Star staff

Another voter registration drive is planned for the beginning of next month, and with hopes to reach out to organizations to register members, said Dillon Domke, Student Association Senate Speaker, citing a report by Kiran Gill, director of Governmental Affairs.

More than 50 students have been registered in recent voter registration drives held by Gill, said Domke, citing Gill’s report.

The director of Governmental Affairs serves as the SA’s deputy registrar and works with the DeKalb registrar to host at least one voter registration drive during a semester with an election, according to SA Bylaws.

In three hours, 32 students were registered at the voter registration drive Oct. 27 in the New Residence Hall, Community Center, said Domke, citing Gill’s report.

Twenty students were registered at the Oct. 29 rally, which was held by the SA to discuss the state budget impasse and lack of Monetary Assistance Program funding.