Student Association vice president found not guilty for neglect of duty


Reggie Bates, then Student Association vice presidential candidate, talks to students April 25 in the Martin Luther King Jr. Commons. 

By Northern Star staff

Reggie Bates, Student Association Vice President, will remain in office after a nine-hour impeachment process in which he was found not guilty for neglect of duty.

The Student Association Senate charged Bates with neglect of duty based on eight specifications — two of which he was found guilty for — on Nov. 8. The SA Senate found Bates not guilty in a 14-21-5 closed vote Sunday.

The names of the 10 SA senators who signed the petition for Bates’s removal will not be released, according to a prepared statement on the impeachment.

“It has already been made clear that the Student Association Senate intends to respect the outcome of this hearing and will continue to work with all parties to ensure an effective student government,” said SA Speaker Dillon Domke, according to the prepared statement.