SA VP to face impeachment


Reggie Bates, then Student Association vice presidential candidate, talks to students April 25 in the Martin Luther King Jr. Commons. 

By Northern Star staff

The Student Association Senate held a closed hearing Sunday to discuss the impeachment of SA Vice President Reggie Bates.

SA Senate Speaker Dillon Domke confirmed the purpose of the meeting, but declined to say why Bates faces impeachment.

Bates was elected under the Voice of Change ticket, which included President Nathan Lupstein, Treasurer Marc Calvey and Student Trustee Raquel Chavez. He received 1,802 votes against 507 votes from opponent Robert Kreml, now SA Senate deputy speaker.

The process of removal begins with a petition for removal by a minimum of seven senators at an SA Senate meeting, charging but not removing the individual, according to the SA Constitution. The charged official will then be notified and told the date of the hearing, which shall be held while school is in session and at least seven days after the petition was delivered to the SA Senate, according to the SA Constitution. If convicted with a two-thirds vote by the SA Senate, the charged official should be removed from office and notified by next day post, according to the SA Constitution.

Appropriate reasons for removal include academic misconduct, financial misconduct, neglect of duty, abuse of privileges of office, criminal behavior and failure to keep accurate records, according to the SA Constitution.

The hearing was held after the conclusion of the SA Senate’s meeting Sunday night. Details of the hearing will not be disclosed to the public, but a news release on the hearing will be distributed today, Domke said.

Bates did not immediately respond to a request for comment.