Ellie Goulding’s album offers predictable sound

By Michael Malaychuk

Ellie Goulding shows off talent and diversity in her new album, but seems to do so in an underwhelming way.

She’s always set herself apart from the pack. Instead of opting for generic, radio friendly songs, she’s stayed true to her identity as a musician. In turn, Goulding has become a respected name to fans across all genres of music.

There’s no doubt she could be headlining stadiums around the world and topping charts nonstop, but that’s just not who she is; however, her new album, “Delirium,” released Friday, is self-described as a pop album. It’s a much different feel than her last two releases, “Lights” and “Halcyon.”

Although “Delirium” includes 16 newly released tracks, they might not be what you expect. Every song is about three-and-a-half to four minutes long, a not so subtle attempt to get the new tunes on the radio. She hired some of the world’s biggest pop music writer/producers, including Max Martin and Ryan Tedder, who worked closely with Taylor Swift on her wildly successful “1989” album.

While the songs are definitely more pop-oriented than anything she’s ever done, the album still shows her talent and diversity as an artist. “We Can’t Move to This” is an upbeat song with a style similar to the EDM tracks Goulding has been known for. “Army,” the next song on the album, is a slow ballad that captures her voice perfectly in contrast to other tracks.

Other songs, like “Holding on for Life” and “Don’t Panic,” are simply not up to Goulding’s unspoken standards as an artist. It’s not that they’re of low quality — I think it’s impossible for Goulding’s voice to sound bad — but she’s just capable of much more in my opinion.

Some of my favorites are “Something in the Way you Move,” “Keep on Dancin’,” and of course, “Love Me Like You Do,” originally featured on the “Fifty Shades of Grey” soundtrack.

Overall, the album is well made, predictable and radio friendly music. It’s not quite what I had imagined it to be.

Hopefully Goulding returns with a creative and unexpected work of art next time.