NIU meteorologist: DeKalb to see record snowfall over weekend

By Leah Nicolini

DeKalb could see record-breaking snowfall tonight and winter weather throughout the weekend.

The earliest heavy snowfall in DeKalb County’s recorded history could reach 7 to 11 inches Friday, said NIU meteorologist Gilbert Sebenste. Light rain and snow will begin at 9 p.m. and continue until noon tomorrow, according to an NIU weather report.

“This is going to be full blown January weather coming up tonight to Sunday,” Sebenste said.

Strong wind will cause drifting snow and potentially impact drivers on Route 38, I-88 and Lincoln Highway on Saturday, according to NIU. Untreated ice will turn into black ice on late afternoon Saturday to Sunday morning, Sebenste said.

Temperatures will drop to around 5 degrees with wind chills at 5 degrees below zero Sunday; however, Monday classes should proceed as scheduled, Sebenste said.