Pass: Fire dept. gives away detectors, Fail: Drug violations in residence halls

By Sabreena Saleem


The DeKalb Fire Department is doing a great job of ensuring residents’ safety in regard to fires.

The department is giving away free smoke detectors in honor of Fire Prevention week, which starts today.

Smoke detectors are easy to forget about, especially for those who have school and work to worry about. But, smoke detectors save lives, and the Fire Department is making it easy for residents to get functioning ones.

All residents have to do to get a free, working smoke detector is contact the DeKalb Fire Department at 815-748-8460.


The 2015-16 Clery Annual Security Report, which was released Thursday, shows a significant increase in drug violations — both arrests and judicial referrals — with a majority of them taking place in residence facilities.

Students are entitled to make their own decisions and pay the consequences; however they should not put others at risk.

Having drugs or drug paraphernalia in your residence hall can not only get you in trouble, but can put those around you in an awkward situation if it’s found. Not to mention, drugs that require lighters are fire hazards.