InFocus: What’s on your Homecoming playlist?

Northern Star staff

Homecoming week is upon us. Some spend it attending countless after parties and some go home to be with friends or family. Regardless of your homecoming plans this year, you’ll need a playlist to keep you on your feet.

Here’s what the Northern Star scene staff is listening to:

Michael Malaychuk:

The Chainsmokers are probably most known for their 2014 hit “#Selfie,” but they’ve recently proven themselves to be much more than one-hit wonders. Their most recent single, “Roses,” is a catchy, feel good song featuring 22-year-old vocalist Rozes. It’s one of the most widely heard songs at parties now, and for good reason. Even though it’s by the popular EDM duo, it’s easy to listen to and appeals to fans of all types of music. The Chainsmokers’ production on this track is flawless, and Rozes’ vocals compliments the music perfectly.

Alexis Malapitan:

“Yoncé” makes me feel all kinds of saucy. The song starts off slow, giving off a seductive vibe as Beyoncé greets listeners and fans with her heavenly vocals accompanied by soothing yet catchy drum beats. Her voice overpowers the soft and almost unnoticeable sounds of trumpets and drums, and displays her confidence — something everyone should have. “And every girl in here gotta’ look me up and down,” Beyoncé sings. “All on Instagram, cake by the pound. Circulate the image every time I come around. G’s up, tell me how I’m lookin’, babe.” You have to look great and feel great during your homecoming week. You deserve to look fierce, flawless and tell people, “I woke up like this.” Even if you do end up being hungover.

Deanna Frances:

I chose Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” because it’s easy to enjoy and get excited about. The lyrics speak about believing in yourself and having fight left in you after trials come your way. This could be applied to any kind of situation, and that’s why I think this song is so powerful. Whether you’re thinking of the lyrics in the context of class struggles or midterms, personal relationships or athletics, they apply to everyone. The upbeat tempo of the song also adds to its power. It’s great to listen to if you’re looking for any kind of inspiration.

Darius Parker:

Huskies need to make sure they have Missy Elliot blasting in their headphones to kick off homecoming week. I love “Shake Your Pom Pom” because of its heavy marching band influences coupled with Elliot’s catchy and comical lyrics. “Like how my booty shake like an earthquake,” Missy sings. “There is no escape when I shake it in ya’ face.” Missy is encouraging the listeners to not be boring and get up and shake ya’ pom pom. I’m a dancer, so I know automatically when the beat drops its time to own the dancefloor and make it yours. This song encourages that.