Comedy works in ‘The Intern’

Deanna Frances

Robert De Niro’s on-screen connection with Anne Hathaway was impeccable in “The Intern.”

The film stars Robert De Niro as Ben Whitacker, a widower and retiree searching for a new purpose. Ben comes across a senior citizen internship program where he begins working as a personal intern for Jules Ostin, played by Anne Hathaway, the owner and creator of a very successful fashion company.

This comedy focuses on issues of aging and experience in the workplace. Ben is able to share his years of wisdom and experience with the other interns, played by Adam DeVine and Zack Pearlman. Ben becomes a special part of Jules’ life, though she initially doesn’t want him to work for her.

The comical moments were paired nicely with light drama and minimal romance. I also enjoyed the many characters in the film. Each smaller role had an important part to play in the plot, and that made the entire story more enjoyable by adding comedic relief. Ben’s relationship with Jules, her husband Matt, played by Anders Holm, and daughter Paige, played by JoJo Kushner, grew tremendously throughout the story, and I became engrossed in their stories throughout the film.

Although I felt the plot could’ve gotten confusing in some scenes, as there are mutiple stories to follow, the transitions from scene-to-scene made the storyline easy to follow.

The film incoporates realistic characters who made the story relatebale and heartfelt but also more than enough unneeded twists and turns.

My overall film rating: 3.5/5