‘The Visit’ oozes with plot twists

By Jessica Plessner

“The Visit” will bring viewers back to the well-known tale of “Hansel and Gretel” with a visually excruciating twist.

Most children envision a trip to their grandparent’s house to be filled with great food and lots of stories; but for Becca, played by Olivia DeJonge, and her younger brother Tyler, played by Ed Oxenbould, their hopeful picture perfect week goes terribly wrong.

The film begins with the siblings, who had never met or seen their grandparents before, preparing for a weeklong visit to their grandparents’ house. Not knowing what to expect, Becca sets up a formal interview with her mother to ask some crucial questions about her grandparents. Through the interview Becca finds out her mother, played by Kathryn Hahn, hadn’t spoken to the grandparents in fifteen years and refuses to explain the reasons why to Becca. This introduces a feeling of mystery and doubt for the children.

Nana (the grandmother), played by Deanna Dunagan, and Pop Pop (the grandfather), played by Peter McRobbie, welcome the children with open arms the second they arrive in the Pennsylvania farm country. Everything seems to go according to Becca and Tyler’s expectations until some odd behavior catches their eyes. With some hesitation they dig a little deeper into their family history and uncover a horrific secret.

The premise is simple and relatable, yet oozing with plot twists and horror. I mostly enjoyed the grandparents being the scariest element inside of this twisted movie, which is fairly uncommon in scary movies. Between dirty diapers and strange trips under the house, “The Visit” definitely leaves you in a trance that makes you wonder what your grandparents may be doing after dark. I was expecting something supernatural, but this film is fairly realistic. Becca and Tyler debating about who should open the door each night to see what their grandparents are up to and hearing the piercing noises of the wall being scratched definitely set an eerie mood.

The film leaves you on the edge of your seat and will have you laughing nervously one second and biting your nails in fear the next. Follow Pop Pops advice and don’t leave your bedroom after 9:30pm, lock your doors before dawn — and whatever you do — sleep with one eye open.