Food Fridays: La Salsa offers flavorful, affordable food

By Northern Star staff

When I want tacos, La Salsa is my go-to restaurant.

The menu is simple: The restaurant offers staple entrees like burritos, tacos, tortas and quesadillas — all of which you can get filled with your favorite ingredients like steak, chicken, chorizo and more.

La Salsa, 1021 W. Hillcrest Drive, is a fun, casual spot with a laid-back vibe. Though the dining area is relatively small, its bright orange walls and open feel make it a great place to take friends. Still, the service is quick, so it’s also the perfect place for a fast bite to eat, even if you’re solo.

The restaurant’s price range is the second best thing about it — the first being its food. Tacos are a little over a dollar, while super filling burritos are only $3.75. Even Mexican candies, such as De La Rosa Marizpan peanut candies, which are available at the register, are easy to stock up on if you have a few quarters in your pocket.

If you’re a meat lover, I highly recommend ordering two tacos al pastor with a side of rice and beans. But don’t worry, vegetarians and vegans, the bean and avocado tacos are to die for. Just remember to ask for no cheese.