Columns to focus on student voices

By Rachel Scaman

The Perspective section is supposed to be a section where student voices can be heard, and I would like to see a lot more of that.

Last semester, Perspective was mostly known for its editorials which represented the whole staff’s opinion. This semester, I want the section to focus more on student opinion. I plan on having a bigger staff of columnists and cartoonists. I want to encourage readers to write more Letters to the Editor so we can have more reader input in the section.

I want my columnists to be able to share their opinions on not only current events, but also things they notice on and off campus. I want my columnists and cartoonist to have readers relate to their work.

Editorials will still be written on a regular basis and the staff will continue to work hard on them. I want the Perspective section to be not only a place for the staff to have a voice, but for students and the NIU community to have one, as well.