Pass, Fail: Huntley Middle School remembers late crossing guard, No redevelopment plans for Ellwood Historical houses

By Abby Zaccaria


My pass for this week goes to a Huntly Middle School memorial.

Harold Lave, a Huntley Middle School crossing guard, died March 3. He worked at the middle school for nine years and because he was such a great crossing guard, Huntley Middle School honored him by making him a memorial plaque and placing it in front of the school.

It makes me feel good to know that Harold is being remembered by Huntley.


My fail for this week is that there are no definite plans to redevelop the Ellwood Historical neighborhood.

Discussion as to whether this neighborhood should be redeveloped has not gone anywhere since the neighborhood does not have a resident’s association yet. This disappoints me since there are many historical houses in this neighborhood that could benefit from redevelopment.

The neighborhood is in one of the TIF districts so any redevelopment project would be eligible for TIF funding