Local comedian brings variety to House Cafe

By Deanna Frances

Alumnus Joe Dzwonnik will headline his first two-hour comedy special Thursday.

The Northern Star spoke with Dzwonnik about his comedy and performance, which will take place 8 p.m. at The House Cafe, 263 E. Lincoln Highway.

Q: How long have you been performing comedy?

A: The comedy started from me being at the mic in my band. We were performing at the House Cafe, and I would just start making jokes to pass the time in between sets.

Q: What made you want to continue comedy?

A: Chris May [a local comedian who performs at The House Cafe] asked me to come to an open mic night at the House, and my stand up started there. I went up there and it was exceptionally well-received. A bunch of people told me to come back, and I did.

Q: What do you like the most about comedy?

A: It’s exciting to have a voice and say something that people agree with. It’s nice to just say little thoughts and bring those things to the light. I test them out in comedy, and it works well. I have a great time all the time because it’s 100 percent fun.

Q: What can people expect to see at your show?

A: We have quite a variety of different acts. We have a gentleman from the U.K. who sings and does comedy. We also have a gentleman that is from Chicago, so you will get that urban comedy. We have people from different backgrounds who make it really interesting.

Q: Why should people come to your show?

A: People should come to my comedy show because it’s only $3, it’s two hours of entertainment, and there’ll be five comedians there. There’s nowhere else in DeKalb to see this comedy.