Style Section: Fierce Nails

By Northern Star staff

Nails are an accessory you can wear everyday. Students are embracing this trend with long nails in bold colors.

Check out how some NIU students wear this style below.

Gladys Sanchez, junior special education major, said she rocks black nails as a statement.

“I’m proud to wear the color black because our society definitely looks at it as a negative connotation, when I definitely uphold the color black as something that’s really important here in our community and we need to change our societal views about the color black,” Sanchez said. “And I’m also a firm believer in the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.”

Sanchez also said she takes pride in painting her own nails.

Freshman nursing major Antaneshia Garrett said she chooses her nail hues based on the seasons.

“I chose purple for the spring time,” Garrett said. “I used to get designs but after a while I got plain, because it’s more mature.”

Freshman marketing major Knecesia Fraction said she selects colors that complement her skin complexion.

“Sometimes I like to go extravagant and sometimes I do simple, but right now I’m doing simple because I’m getting mature and older,” Fraction said. “I chose green for St. Patrick’s Day.”

Fraction and Garrett said when choosing nail colors the best thing to do is remember to be “on fleek.” Fraction and Garrett get their nails done at The Bottom Nail Salon on the west side of Chicago.