NIU food truck to open Saturday

By Alexander Chettiath

The DogHouse, an alumni-owned food truck, will debut Saturday at the Huskie Bowl and Communiversity Block Party.

The DogHouse is operated by alumni Keith Otis, Elliot Echols and Jordan Delegal. They plan to move to a student-operated food truck as their budget increases and they want to become a part of NIU’s identity, Delegal said.

The owners hope the DogHouse will be a year-round stationary and mobile source for gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, Delegal said.

“All of our initiatives are socially driven, so we plan on buying locally and hiring students,” Delegal said. “We also plan on partnering with the university and other local businesses and helping them expand their name, as well.”

Moving forward, the DogHouse owners would like to open the market for other food trucks and eventually branch out to other campuses if the market allows it, Otis said.

“My biggest suggestion would be to encourage students and staff to come out and enjoy the good weather and the block party and have a good time,” Otis said. “Hopefully they buy some grilled cheese from us; if not, we’d love to see each and every Huskie that day.”